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Welcome to antique advertising, my name is Ben i am 21 years old and i pride myself on collecting, buying and selling top end advertising items. I have had a strong passion for advertising and everything old shop since i was 14, started out by buying tins at low end prices of a few pounds, as i got more and more into the world of street jewllery i realised how many diffrent ways companies advertised and the quality items they had commisioned to do so. The more time i spent studying the hobby and meeting people with the same interests the more i started to consider enamel signs and the printing on the tins artwork. I believe that the enamel sign side of the advertising world really should be considered working mans art as some of the workmanship that went into the process of crafting such a detailed image with so many complex colours, all for it to then being fired in a kilm all made from glass is incredible. 

So i decided to set up antique advertising to use it as a way of trying to preserve some of the high streets history and make sure it finds its way to people who will actually enjoy the item and give it the place on the wall or in a cabinet that it deserves. The amount of horror stories of people throwing signs, showcards, tins ect into the skip is criminal. so i have dedicated a very large part of my life driving all over the country trying to preserve the history. while making myself a bit of money at the same time. I would also like to use this website as a platform to try and get younger people like myself interested in the hobby to keep the history alive.

On the site you will fine what i believe to be a superb selection of 

  • TINS 

Everything that is listed on my site is guaranteed to be original with a strict policy of no fake or reproductions sold. A detailed condition report can be requested as i am more than happy to send videos ect of an item of interest. Restoration will be clearly reconised for the buyer so they know what they are buying. All prices can be negotiable and happy to work with the buyer. overseas buyers please contact me via my email or telephone before purchasing. 

I am always looking to buy items so if you have any of the stock listed above please feel free to email me pictures, or even if you just wanted my opinion on an item more than happy to help.

New Stock will be listed sunday evenings which can be found under the latest items heading. My instagram page is also linked to my page so you can head over and have a look at some of the items and some of the comments people have left :) 

I am also very fussy when it comes down to a condition report, so you can buy with confidence. 

If there is any tin, sign, showcard or any other type of advertising you are hunting for please call or email me as i could try my best to source the item for you.

Aiming to bring some of the best vintage Enamel signs for sale. Tins and all aspects of advertising