Rare Huntley and palmers revolving biscuit cabinet

Rare Huntley and palmers revolving biscuit cabinet

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W: 25cm (9.8")H: 28cm (11")D: 25cm (9.8")

£3,250.00 Approx $4042.29, €3805.62

stunning revolving advertising huntley and palmers cabinet, still containing all its original biscuits! the cabinet itself contains 16 specimens of biscuits that the company produced in the 20th century, all with original labels. the labels read, garibaldi, toy cracknel, tea rusks, thin wine, berkeley, oval water HB, lemon creams, petit beurre, currant puff, lemon puff, suncake, puff cracknel, digestive, opera wafer and diedem cream. all biscuits are enclosed behiend a glass pannel in a tin case. the cabinet probably dates from around 1910. i think it was probably a counter top sampler for people to spin to see the diffrent biscuits produced.


the cabinets condtion is rather could. 2 glass pannels have been cracked but still structurally sound. the cabinet spins very freely. in places the tin litho is scratches and bashed ect but it is a very rare survivor. it really is a museum worthy item.

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