Very rare Papier-mâché hovis advertising chef shop window figure

Very rare Papier-mâché hovis advertising chef shop window figure

Code: 10251


W: 38cm (15")H: 90cm (35.4")

£1,800.00 Approx $2238.81, €2107.73

Superb advertising figure for hovis bread. Head detaches and sits on a spring so his head nods, I would think this is for when he was in a shop window so he was some what automical. The head it's self is made from papier mache and just look at the detail. The rest of the body is made from a combination of wood and plaster. The detail in this figure is superior and is up there with one of the best figures ive ever had the pleasure of owning. The detailing in the carved hands under the tray and the chefs face is superb. Standing very proud with a tray he is ideal to use to stand cakes ect on . There wouldn't of been many of these figures produced as I would assume they where only in the higher end of bakery's ect. An exceptional figure to add to anyone's growing collection. 


as you can see by the picture he is far from mint condition the papier mache head has plenty of cracks and damage ect. The arms also have cracks and an old bit of tape is wrapped round one of the arms but it still seems to be structurally fine. The carving on the tray is all nice and original it is a top draw figure and a good example at that .

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