Kodak film advertising vending machine

Kodak film advertising vending machine

Code: 10098


W: 21cm (8.3")H: 98cm (38.6")D: 15cm (5.9")


A very original kodak machine. Great art deco look. A hard vender to find, would really benefit from a good clean up and rust treatment ect. These would of been found on the outsides of shops, train stations ect. i would date the machine around the 30s period. would look great on a wall in a man cave ect.


The machine is in poor condition unfortunatly but is all original. Firstly the paint work it very rusty and scuffed. The machine comes with no key so i have no idea what the insides look like. the penny slot cover has had a bit chipped off. plenty of cracks and holes but a genuine machine.

any questions please feel free to contact me.