Pair of Lovely ceramic cigarette table box

Pair of Lovely ceramic cigarette table box

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W: 15cm (5.9")H: 11cm (4.3")

£100.00 Approx $127.06, €116.82

A Balkan Sobranie table cigarette presentation box, which would originally have contained 100 cigarettes. This business was established in London in 1879 by Albert Weinberg (b.1849), a merchant from Odessa, with the aim of supplying premium tobacco products. The brand prided itself in using only the topmost leaves of the Yenidje tobacco plant, synonymous with the town of Yenidje in Thrace (modern-day Genisea in Greece (towards the top of the Balkan Peninsula)) a leading producer of high-quality Oriental tobacco.

The illustration on the lid shows two Balkan women, who are smoking whilst watching wagon loads of cigarettes pass by, with a mountain range in the distance. The front and back panels of the box show a Balkan scene with a man and a woman, and the sides have “100” printed over a sprig of tobacco plant.


one is very well stained and the other is in quite good condition the stained one has a hairline crack on the lid, price if for the pair 

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