Vintage Gents hairdressing price list

Vintage Gents hairdressing price list

Code: 10154


W: 40cm (15.7")H: 35cm (13.8")


lovely early advert for gents hair dressing, Great bit of social history, would make a lovely bathroom decoration. Great with the prices of each cut displayed thats what really makes this item. Great font used for the heading of the advert as well. A lovely part of hairdressing history. The frame seems to have age to it as well so not sure if original or not, but certainly hasnt been framed recently. Great interior design item.


The advert is in decent condition some obvious signs of staining but adds to the character of the item and shows its age. frame has some good age to it, the measurments have been take from the outside of the frame. the glass has a crack as shown unfortunatly. 

any questions please feel free to contact me