Early the montpelier mineral waters showcard

Early the montpelier mineral waters showcard

Code: 10216


W: 49cm (19.3")H: 36cm (14.2")


A lovely early original showcard for mineral waters. Very nice card with an early depiction of a soda syphon and 2 early bottles. Stunning typography of the letter also advertising that the water has no taint of cork and only comes into contact with the bottle. A very rare and stunning advertising card an old frame would set it off wonderfully. Printers mark is very visable to the bottom corner and still has its original hanging eyelets. 


as you can see the card has had a very hard life with multiple rips and wear with staining and fading ect. A frame would help to draw your eyes from the condition it's a lovely early genuine showcard 

any questions please feel free to contact me