Original Wm Hancock brewery advertising showcard

Original Wm Hancock brewery advertising showcard

Code: 10447


W: 64cm (25.2")H: 88cm (34.6")


stunning Wm hancock brewery advertising showcard in its original stamped frame. stunning image of a cartoon like fisherman drinking from a handcock bottle. when comically the little girl mistakens it for a telescope. the little girl asks if she could have a look through his telescope. stunning bright colours with a lovely seaside scene to the backdrop. the art work is done by lawson wood who can be found doing many cartoon themed showcards. The frame has wm hancock inscribed in the bottom. great original showcard ideal for a brewery collector. could do with glass being put in the frame.


the card is in lovely condition with a few marks of wear. all original frame. the gold slats of wood rounf the outer of the showcard when removed show the rest of the showcard and lawson woods signature. so certainly not been cut down. label to the back of the original frame. a lovely advertising showcard and a great size.

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