Reckitts blue showcard

Reckitts blue showcard

Code: 10101


W: 50cm (19.7")H: 30cm (11.8")


Stunning card advert for reckitts blue, depicting 2 children playing on a reckitts box at the seaside surrounded by a big clamp shell. incredible colours on this card and still very strong with no fading. The blue frame really makes the card pop which i believe it to be original as the back of the frame looks untouched. I would date this anywhere from as early as 1910 on how the children are dressed. would look stunning in a kitchen or bathroom.


the card itself is in great condtion with minimal signs of wear so a rare survivor. colours have all retained very well. The back boards on the frame are a bit raggy but nothing too bad, The usual paint chipping on the frame adds to the age. a really great showcard.

any questions please feel free to contact me