Unusual wheat cleaning plant advert

Unusual wheat cleaning plant advert

Code: 10105


W: 27cm (10.6")H: 34cm (13.4")D: 3cm (1.2")


very unusual advert for a wheat cleaning machine, with samples of wheat at diffrent stages as it passes through the machine. It almost looks to be a salesmans sample of some kind, so that the salesman could show the farmer what parts of the machine do what to the wheat. A very well built thing made from heavy wood with a showcard like advert with printed images of the machine. The samples of wheat are hidden behind little circular glass windows and all are intact. it looks as if it would of had a hinged door on at some point of its life, maybe this would of had the makers name of the machine. A very nice bit of farming history.


the card itself is quite rub and places of scuffs ect but possibly a one off item as ive not come across anything like this before. all wheat samples are intact with the glass and the frame is very solid with a hanging eye. Lovely item for a kitchen or a collector of farming related bygones

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