Exceptional rare England glory matches tin boxing advertising sign.

Exceptional rare England glory matches tin boxing advertising sign.

Code: 10482


W: 74cm (29.1")H: 54cm (21.3")


a prime example of early 20th c british advertising. This stunning printed tin sign has everything going for it. Great sporting subject being boxing, The clever use of advertising as the ring being made out of matchboxes. The stunning graphics of the crowd dressed with the sterotypical english garmets. The image of the british boxer knocking out the other german fighter is great imagery and a brilliant marketing idea, what would be heavily frowned upon today. Followed by the wording 'strike out the foreign competition by buying englands glory matches'. what a brilliant idea of advertising. The detail on the sign is exceptional holding everything i personally look for in old advertising.


the tin sign is in original condition as it can be clearly seen it is not in mint condition it has plenty of scratches wear ect but a rare example of a lovely tin sign. The sign also looks to of had about 2cm trimmed off the right hand boarder but dosent detract from the sign to much. A good chance to own a very rare tin advertising sign.

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