Crumpsall cracker cws van tin

Crumpsall cracker cws van tin

Code: 10116


H: 13cm (5.1")L: 25cm (9.8")

£1,600.00 Approx $1990.05, €1873.54

cracking example of a 1930s CWS crackers van. The lid decorated with examples of tins slides back to open the tin, once would of housed crackers, when done being a tin the lorry was then used as a toy van. originally would of had a spring loaded motor what would drive the back wheel unfortunatly this example is missing the motor. Great decorative tin for the cabinet and a very good entry tin into the world of novelty tins. This one is the example with the headlamps. heavily lithographed with all the fine details.


The lorry is in good condition for its age with very strong colours and everything intact apart from the motor. The back door is present which is a common part missing few scratches over the tin, play worn but a lovely decorative tin 

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