Mainline flake tin 1lb

Mainline flake tin 1lb

Code: 10166


W: 16cm (6.3")H: 12cm (4.7")D: 3cm (1.2")


lovely mainline flake 1lb advertising tin, with the iconic train image. This one depicts the red train, being a green train also in the series. unfortunatly the lid of the tin has been turned inside out, hence the cheap price. This has been done becuase the image on the inside of the lid was in better condition than the outer. still displays very well just upside down. nice item for a shelf, an iconic tin. 


The lid is in good condition but as explained its been flipped. the inner lide is a bit more worse for wear but a nice starter for a tobacco collector as is a rare tin.

any questions please feel free to contact me.